Brilliant budget body scrubs

Call me cheap, but I’m massive fan of budget body scrubs. A session in the shower with a basic member of the sugar scrub family makes me a happy woman. There’s no doubt pricer scrubs (or body polishers if you prefer) often contain higher grades of ingredients and smell more luxurious. I’ve tried them (here’s looking at you Jo Malone) and I love them as a treat. But I get my scent from other lotions and potions and, as long as scrubs aren’t full of environmentally damaging plastic beads, I’m perfectly happy with frugal formulations. Whatever their price, all scrubs claim to buff and leave skin smooth and moisturised. In most cases, even the cheapies do exactly what they say on their plasticky pots. I use a scrub once a week in the shower before I turn the the water on. Most of them are recommended for use on damp skin, but I’m hardcore. My arms ache, but at least my knees and elbows (and bum) are smoothy smooth. These are my high street favourites. Enhance their effects by following up with a generous helping of body butter, from the same range if you like to match your products.

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star The Breakfast Scrub 300ml | £8 (300ml)
This body smoother contains oats, shea butter and sugar and has banana, almond and honey extracts. It’s has quite a thick consistency, but doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and washes off easily. The maple scent is warming and the shea butter leaves your skin soft to the touch. Soap & Glory body products are on a roll at the moment and if I had to pick a winner, this would be it.


Champneys Cloud Nine Indulgent Body Scrub | £10 (300ml)
This claims to have notes of plum and orange, blended with vanilla and aromatic woods. It does smell nice, but best of all, it leaves skin with a luxurious sheen. If you use it before shaving your legs, you’ll be amazed by how smooth they feel. I’ve worked my way through a few pots of this. The gold and dark red packaging makes it smart enough for gifting. I’d certainly be happy to receive it as a present.


Superdrug Vitamin E Sugar and Oil Body Scrub | £4.99 (250ml)
A blend of natural exfoliants in the form of sugar, sea salt and walnut shell granules sweep away flakiness and the sweet almond and grapeseed oils leaves skin feeling soft and supple. The naturally sourced Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps with premature skin ageing. Superdrug’s version feels quite utilitarian, but it’s not scratchy and when you’re counting the pennies, it’s a great choice. The sweet almond scent is actually quite lovely.


Boots Extracts Coco Butter Sugar Scrub | £6.50 (400ml)
The blurb says this scrub contains cocoa butter derived from the theobroma cacao seed. I’ve no idea what that is, but the fact it also has Fairtrade shea butter produced by communities in West Africa, makes me feel better about using it. It’s has fine grains, so isn’t as rough on the skin as some scrubs. If you adore the smell of cocoa butter (I don’t), this is the one for you.


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