3 unexpected style tips I learned in November

1. An embroidered patch isn’t just for jeans, denim jackets (and pencil cases)
Well, I guess you can tell I discovered fashion in the 70s! This last-season H&M shirt was one of my go-to, grab-from-the wardrobe-on-a busy-morning old friends, but I was growing a bit bored of it. Then I spotted this patch in & Other Stories and, within five minutes of getting home, had fallen back in love with my shirt.


The crouching tiger, which I featured in a #wearwellwednesday post on Insta, is now sold out, but Etsy is a great hunting ground for iron-on patches. I particularly like these lips (£1.60) and Explore the Great Indoors (£6.95) versions. The latter is sew-on.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 20.05.01.pngScreen Shot 2017-12-07 at 20.05.15.png

2. Foldable ballet pumps are life (and foot) saviours
I’ve always relied on trainers to get me to and from work meetings and parties, only changing into heels when I get to where I’m going. I always felt foldable shoes were a bit of a gimmick and, well, ugly. Then I came across these black ballerinas by chance in Next, realised how tired I was of carrying a big bag to stow away my trainers and tried on the foldables. I was sold immediately. They are like slippers and fold up really small. The extra padding makes them incredibly comfortable. It’s impossible to make them look glamorous in a photo, but isn’t the point of them. They are entirely practical and they’re not ugly (though I’m not keen on the nude patent and ‘shimmer’ versions). I have used these so much in the three weeks since I bought them for £20. Do yourself and your feet a favour and invest in a pair. You won’t think you need them until they are EXACTLY what you need.


3. A sports bra can look wonderful under non-sporty clothes
This might only apply to the more well-endowed of us. I’m a 32F and when I was heavier (more about that coming soon), I was a 34H. When I was breast feeding I was bigger than that. Gulp. Some people cope really well with bigger boobs and dress brilliantly to balance their proportions. My back ached, my shoulders were always sore from my bra straps and dresses in particular were so hard to find. I’m a 10 on the bottom and on the top too, despite the F cup sitch, but only because I tend to wear a sports bra for everyday. If I wore a normal bra, I’d be a 12 at least on the top and more probably a 14. No, sports bra design isn’t pretty and yes, the straps tend to be wide, but when you have big girls, have breastfed two babies and are always dashing around, you want strong support. Some designs give you a monoboob (not a good look), but The Shock Absorber D+ Max Sports Bra seems to suit my shape. It fits from D to H cups, comes is white and black and costs £36.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 19.41.28.png

I get all my bras from Bravissimo because of the excellent customer service. If you’re struggling to fit into dresses or tops just because of your boobs (rather than, say, your back, arms or shoulders) the minimising effect of a sports bra might just be the answer. And you can run for the bus without causing yourself an injury. Result.

I’ll be back with more Unexpected Style Tips in December. See you then x





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