4 root concealers to beat the greys

If you colour your hair and are going grey, then you’ll know that ‘where the hell did those roots suddenly appear from’? moment well. I swear I can go to bed and my roots are just fine and dandy and in the morning, I have enough silver to plate a tray. Greys are like chin whiskers. They sneak up on you and you usually don’t notice them until AFTER an important meeting where you just happened to have sat profile-on to a sunny window. More on whiskers later. Some of the bloggers I most admire have embraced their greys and look magnificent, but I’m too cowardly to go there just yet. In the meantime, I’m using cover ups to make my colour last a couple of weeks longer. I recently trialled four. If greys (or re-growth) are the bane of your life, one of these might just be the answer. And your purse will thank you even if your colourist won’t.

1. The one for thin hair

Colour Wow Root Cover Up, available at House of Fraser, £28.50
I use the blonde shade, but whether your hair is black, platinum or something in-between, there’s a colour to suit everyone. The powder thickens, which is a bonus for those of us who are starting to thin around the hairline (thank you ageing hormones) and has a little bit of a shimmer so it appears a little less matt. It’s at the pricer end of the spectrum, but seems to last forever. A little goes a long way. The compact has a mirror and the brush is easy to grip.

2. The budget buy

Superdrug Roots Concealer Spray, £3.29
Although this claims to have a precision nozzle, the instructions recommend covering your shoulders to prevent ‘overspray’. They mean it. I was a bit lazy, didn’t cover up and had to change my shirt. Luckily, the marks washed out. The spray colours your parting too, which is where greys often show the most, but a quick rub works wonders. A spray will always look a bit harsher than a powder, but, amazingly, this didn’t change the texture of my hair.

3. The perfectionist’s choice

John Frieda Root Blur Colour Blending Concealer, available at Boots, £9.99
This comes in four shades with a dual shade palette so you can customise the colour. I use Honey to Caramel for dark blondes and sweep the brush across both powers for a softer effect. And also because I am lazy and can’t imagine spending more than a minute touching up my roots. The mirror is handy and the angled brush makes application really precise. If that’s important to you, this is a winner.

4. The on-the-go hero

Charles Worthington Instant Root Concealer Powder, available at Boots, £14.99
I left the best til last. Ok, so it doesn’t have a mirror, but as the powder is delivered though the big fluffy brush, it doesn’t really need one. The cylinder shape is perfect for keeping in my handbag’s pared-down make-up bag and the design feels more robust than a compact. It’s not as exacting as the other powders here, but that’s not a problem for me. This comes in four shades.

Let me know if there’s a root concealer you love but isn’t featured here or if there’s anything else you’d like me to test x

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